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It has been almost a year since Eleven Madison Park reopened as a plant-based restaurant with an emphatic, renewed mission. This chapter has been the most exciting time of my entire career as a chef.

Cooking plant-based has been meaningful and expansive. We are writing an entirely new language, one that challenges us to be creative and continuously learn. It’s exciting to cook and eat this way; what we first thought might be limiting has proven instead to be invigorating. In my mind, there is no doubt that the food at Eleven Madison Park today is the best it has ever been; it’s an experience not found anywhere else.

I made the commitment to use our creativity towards a plant-based future because that’s where our food system needs to go. I am not a scientist, nor climate change expert, but I am a chef. I see the shift happening to our world first-hand in the quality and availability of ingredients, and how they are sourced. Something has to change. We need to rethink the norms, rewrite the rules. This way of eating is better for the planet and our health—and it is delicious.

What could be the impact if we all ate plant-based food more often? We don’t need to eat like this every day, but just one day per week can have an immediate positive effect. It’s not a new idea, but it has become more urgent. Let’s start with one day. This thinking is not anti-meat, but it is pro-planet.

We're excited to share a way to make this a reality, with the launch of Eleven Madison Home. We are starting small, but this is just the beginning.

Come join us.